Calvary Kearny Building Status Update

Calvary Kearny Building Status Update


Things Are Moving Along Nicely At Calvary Kearny!

As most of you know, we are working feverishly at preparing Calvary Kearny for our Grand Opening in September.

Calvary Kearny has got quite a bit done cosmetically and are now pursuing the major areas of concern. Our number one priority right now is our AC units. With temps topping 110 degrees some days, the one unit that is still chugging along is doing its best to keep us at a comfortable 85 degrees. I know, I know, comfortable? I agree. But right now that’s what we have and until the Lord comes through, we will be glad and rejoice in it!

Our second priority that should go hand in hand with replacing our AC units is the sanctuary ceiling.  Not a pretty sight, but the Lord has kept us dry through it. We are praying about these two needs and I’m sure the Lord has heard our prayers. So, until He provides, let me encourage all of us to remain faithful in prayer, and almost as importantly, keep your eyes and ears open for Him moving. Remember, God is always at work, and He is working on this issue for us right now.

Also, I do want to keep you up to date with several other opportunities that are being addressed, even as I write this blog.

  1. The Urinal for the men’s restroom is in the works! I believe we have obtained favor of the Lord with a supply company that will be donating one this next week. In addition, we have a brother that has offered his labor service to install it! Yeah God!!! In addition, we are very close to getting the same parts and installation for our leaking toilets through another company with the same brother offering his labor service to us! Praise God! I’ll keep you updated on timeframes as I know.
  2. We were able to replace all the door locks that secure the church 2 weeks ago and now our facilities are secure. Although God was watching out for us already!
  3. We also have another brother who has volunteered his time and talents to review our sound board and the items connected to it to give recommendations and ensure what we have is functioning properly! Yeah God Again!!!
  4. As a side note to some of the items being addressed, we are in need of a grounds team. Let me explain in general what a grounds team would be responsible for. We need some weed maintenance and general landscaping. I’m assuming at this point it might need it once or twice a month. If you or anyone have cleaning service company in supporting this effort please let me know asap.
  5. We also have two busted windows in the sanctuary. There very small. I think when I measured them they are 10X20. I am working on getting the glass vendor service man across the street from church to provide us with an estimate. Pray Us In!
  6. The website for our church is coming along nicely too! I have been working on making it very functional to even the first time user all week. We eventually will be putting a website ministry in place to keep it updated weekly. By the way, if any of you have experience with websites or working with word press, please let me know. We could sure use your help!

Anyways, that was just a quick update on things here at Calvary Kearny. Keep Praying, and keep those eyes and ears open for the Lord!

Pastor Ron


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